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What others say

Austin Degenhardt

Gary is a straight shooter. In the complex world of relationships in Silicon Valley, Gary will tell you like he sees it. He sets clear expectations and communicates effectively and this is not always the case with advisors, investors, and every other persona in the valley.  If you're looking for someone to guide you in the right direction - Gary is a valuable resource. He's also fun to work with which is a nice plus!!

Arjun Parthiban

“I attended your talk last weekend about how to organize an investor pitch. It was quite helpful, especially since my usual approach to explaining my idea was product-centered rather than opportunity-centered. I've received much better responses in just the week after I changed my approach the way you taught.”

Chia Ming

We will launch it on a crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo in early 2020. I want to share it with you because it was your advice, suggestion, feedback, and encouragement that made it possible.

Sridhar Nedumaran

“I was very much impressed and motivated by your workshop yesterday. Your presentation gave me clear vision on the process and the approach for startups to get funded. I was also truly amazed at your long hours of valuable speech and the kind of energy you had.”

Julio Mendez

“Thank You! Phenomenal work Saturday. Presentation was great and I can see you have a passion for what you do.” 

Lynn Young

“Mr Gary Jinks is a mentor full of vitality and wisdom. He is using his extensive experience to help us and other innovative teams. Under his careful and serious guidance, our team is stepping up from a small idea, and keeps improving.