Startups, Corporate, Investors

Hands-on Preparation

Hands-on Preparation

Hands-on Preparation


1on1 with investors and professionals to build your idea into a sustainable business.

Match Making

Hands-on Preparation

Hands-on Preparation


Leverage our global Ecosystem to build community, resources & value.

Deal Flow

Hands-on Preparation

Deal Flow


Deliver quality deal flow through exceptional preparation and strategic match making. 

deliver better companies

For the Startup It all begins with the 1on1

The 1on1 follows a framework that has been refined with more than 400 startups. Although the methodology stays consistent, each 1on1 is tailored to the stage and needs of the entrepreneur or startup. The needs of an entrepreneur are significantly different (preparation) than a startup ready for Series A (execution). 

Purpose of the 1on 1 is to: 

  • Asses your business and readiness
  • Identify gaps, limitations and risks 
  • Explore alternatives, brainstorm strategies, approaches, plans

Value Proposition:

  • Experienced guidance and insight; get to know each other
  • Build your community, team or partners
  • Clarity of action and next steps; plan and message

Build Community

As a result of the 1on1 we will know your gaps and needs. Utilizing our ecosystem we can identify and connect the right resources. 

Quality Deal Flow

Those companies that come out the end will  have a stronger team, lower risk and more sustainable business. 


Utilizing our global network we can match startups, corporations and partners with the right  innovation, opportunity  or resources.